I love food and I love Jeremy Messersmith so today’s lunch was a dream come true. Jeremy Messersmith was making Indurritos at Hot Indian Foods today and part of the proceeds made during the lunch rush were donated back to Open Arms MN. Literally. Dream come true. Except that my brain insisted that I stand awkwardly in front of the counter and act aloof. Thankfully I have good friends like Katie that are better at words than I am.

Post lunch, as Katie and I reveled in the memory of deliciousness:

burrito counter

So thanks Katie, for picking up the conversation slack and for reminding me to blink. What can I say besides: mouth words are hard.

-Fangirl Tara

Rock Lobster

In my opinion, the TouchTunes app is an amazing creation for two reasons:

1. It allows me to be a lazy loaf and stay seated while I make musical selections for the audial pleasures of other bar-goers

2. It prevents those same bar-goers from identifying me as the jackass that played Spice Girls. Again

Over the past year I have been sneak attacking the juke box at bars and restaurants all over the Twin Cities. During this time I’ve been trying to figure out what songs provide the best value, then the ultimate answer was brought to my attention by a brilliant coworker:

Rock. Lobster.

rock lobster

Think about it. It costs 1 credit to play the song and you get 7 minutes of pure bliss. Plus, there’s the added entertainment value that stems from seeing the expression on everyone else’s face when the song starts playing.

-Tara, Rock Lobster enthusiast

Spoiler Alert: This isn’t a Mad Men Spoiler

In preparation for the final season, Sarah has been aggressively watching Mad Men on Netflix. I have watched the series once (or maybe three times, but whatever), so naturally Sarah was afraid I’d reveal some important plot twist (like Don going from a regular old d-bag to being a super mega depressed d-bag). Unintentionally, I revealed the entire series to her (but not really).

how mad men ends

Now you know – this is all part of AMC’s master plan.

-Tara, spoiler queen


I love jokes. Specifically, I love the simple, silly jokes that are generally reserved for elementary school aged children. I take great pleasure in telling these jokes, often struggling (because laughing) to get them out in the first place. But what do you do when someone hijacks one of your jokes? How do you recover when someone steals your punch line?


Improv, my dear Watson. As you can see, I’m great at improv. Notice how I seamlessly change the punch line to minimize the fun wrecking. Anyway, when your time comes to listen to one of my jokes, even if you already know the punch line, JUST LET ME SAY IT.

-T-money, joke ninja

Snaps of 2014

Since our Snaps of 2013 post and poll was so wildly averagely successful, we are repeating the tradition this year. If you’re new to WC, then first, WELCOME. You’ve come at a great time. If you’re not – you know the drill. Vote for your favorite snap. The poll is posted below the photos.

Voting ends in one week (12/10/2014), so get crackin’.

Pilgrim Animals

Pets are great

Ruff Seas

Trapped at sea

Bloody Disaster

This celery is goin down

Magic Carpet Cat

He’s never even seen Aladdin

5. Googly Eyed Plant

It makes them less scary

Molly's Castle


Star Anise

…come on…



Hard at work

Cat vids

Happy voting!


An Otter Engagement

You might remember, or maybe you don’t (but maybe you do), that we once wrote about how Benedict Cumberbatch looks like an otter, then proved that the entire internet thinks this.

Well today we bring you more Benedict Cumberbatch news. Hold on to your hats, ladies.

the bad news

It took me a minute to process this heart crushing information. Engaged? Srsly? I mean, how was I ever going to convince that witch doctor to give me my hypnosis lesson money back? Eventually I found a silver lining.

zoo trip

So there you have it.

-Tara Cumberbatch